Friday, July 6, 2012


Please add the following to the comments section of THIS POST only!
1.) Your FIRST name and LAST initial
2.) DATE that you sent your squares
3.) First name and last initial of your partner


lanybleu said...

Elaime M
Sent 11 August 2012
To Daniela T

Christine said...

Christine R
sent August 12th, 2012
to Janice M

Becca said...

Becca C
Sent August 15th, 2012
To Toni M

Daniela said...

Daniela T.
sent 17 August 2012
to Elaine M.

Marcy said...

Marcy M
Sent to Milly D on Aug. 22, 2012

Janice said...

Janice M
sent August 30, 2012
to Christine R

Karrie said...

Karen R
sent September 4
to Pam K

Christine said...

We'll try this again ~
Christine R
Sent replacement squares for ones lost in the mail to
Janice M
on Tuesday, Sept. 4th

Pam said...

Pam K
Sent September 5, 2012
To Karen R

LindataxPA said...

Linda B
Sept 24, 2012
Marie P